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XSitePro Announces Closing Down Sale

 Paul Smithson, XSitePro Announces Desktop Website Creation Software Is Closing Down

XsitePro Sale

XSitePro Sale Ends Monday 18th August 2014, and Paul Now Added More Material ..
5 DVD’s over 20GB of software and products!

XSitePro Desktop SoftwareI am saddened that XsitePro announced it was closing down and selling off it’s software. Actually that is good news for you as they are having a massive sale here. I started using XSitePro shortly after getting into internet marketing. It is so easy to use, you can get a fully functional site up and running quickly with no HTML knowledge required.

The good thing about XSitePro is that it is more secure than WordPress sites. I get dozens of emails daily from potential hackers trying to access my WP websites, I never have issues with my XSitePro websites. Paul Smithson, owner and creator of XSitePro has been unwell of late and needs  to take time off for personal reasons. He had hoped to take XSitePro to higher levels but as we all know our health and family must have priority.

Therefore the decision was made to close down operations so he could completely get away from the business and relax. Paul, I wish you well and hope you have a speedy recovery. Paul has allowed me to spread the news to my website visitors, he has decided to go out with a blast! He is selling everything he created for XSitePro including all the graphics, headers, training, inspiration the whole kit and caboodle for one ridiculously low price.

I purchased XSitePro quite a few years ago for $197. It is an awesome package where you can change templates easily, duplicate sites so if you have one template you like working with set it all up as you like it and clone it/duplicate it. It makes creating further sites faster than ever, you can always change the theme colors etc.

What I like about this software is it has on page SEO built in, it tells you what you need to get a good SEO’d page up. It also includes affiliate managers so you can pop in the appropriate affiliate links where required. Silo structures, page redirects, the whole enchilada. As I said previously Paul Smithson is having a big sell out.

Now you can grab everything for one low price. In fact this sale is so colossal he has to mail you the DVD’s as the package take sup 4 DVD’s! If you are looking for easy to use software that will create perfect HTML websites, with no coding, newbie friendly (It’s what I used to get started in IM when I knew el zip about HTML) then take a look at this extra-ordinary deal of a lifetime here.

XSitePro Closing Down Sale The package is on FOUR DVDs, 17GB of content and is pretty much everything they’ve done over the last decade – and that’s a LOT!

Here’s just some of the products you’ll find on the 4 XSitePro DVDs:

  • XSitePro Award Winning Software Program to Create Websites Fast ($197)
  • XSitePro Tutorials and Video Training ($150 value)
  • XHeaderPro - 5,000 headers at your disposal - all professionally designed to make ideal starting-points for your own, unique design ($47)
  • XCommentPro -Add full commenting and interactivity to your web pages using XCommentPro. No more complicated coding or fiddly set-up routines - just fully-featured interactivity in minutes. ($97)
  • The Complete Guide to Traffic - Introduction ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Foundational Concepts ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Before You Start Driving Traffic ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Link Building Primer ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Web 2.0 Properties ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Article Marketing ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Directory Submissions ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Social Bookmarking ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - RSS Syndication ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Press Releases ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Video Marketing ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Photos and Images ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Audio Marketing ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Webinars & Teleseminars ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Software Download ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Participation ($47)
The massive list above is just the first page of what you get, there are four more pages of products that will explain exactly what you need to do to grow a successful online business… Want to know more of what you will get? Ok here’s some more things included in the sale. By the way as I stated I paid $197 for the XSitePro software alone, just the first item on this list.

Paul is giving everything away for just $197 in total!

Here’s a link to the page that tells you everything you’ll get. It is amazing what you’re getting in this one monster package. 

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Here's more of what is being offered...
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Guest Posts ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Viral Marketing ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Word of Mouth ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Social Media ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Positional Advertising ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Affiliate Programs ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Cost Per Action Marketing ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Repeat Traffic ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - E-Mail Marketing ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Schemes and Tactics ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Black Hat Techniques ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Testing ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Traffic - Round Up ($47)
  • Complete Guide to Website Building ($297)
  • Complete Guide to Design ($97)
Now you may be thinking that's one heck of a lot of traffic training, but quite frankly, traffic should be your focus, without traffic you have no business! The beauty of all this traffic training is you can work with several traffic generating methods and stick with ones you like. There's lots more software, training on effective article writing, interviews with IM professionals that give guidance and ideas you can implement in your online business. Take the tour, read all 5 pages of products, software, training, interviews and you will see this is an absolute steal.

I am sorry to see XSitePro go, but I commend Paul Smithson for making this massive bundle available to everyone. I  highly recommend you check it out I have never seen a sale like this before. This is not cheap software like is so often offered on the IM forums this is amazing software and training that will take you by the hand and show you how you can easily create money-making websites fast.

Even though I already own the main software, I still bought this package deal as the add-ons are incredible for the price. There's so much to offer here it is a snip at the $197 price. The XSitePro closing down sale is Paul Smithson's crazy way of saying thank you to the Internet marketing world for their custom and support over the last decade. Take the tour and see what an incredible deal you can grab, but act fast it's not going to be around long!

This complete package spans FOUR DVDs and includes over 17 gig of content. It is pretty much everything XSitePro have done over the last decade.

It's MASSIVE! XsitePro Testimonials XsitePro Testimonials XsitePro TestimonialsXsitePro Testimonials

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 Click the link to take a tour of this amazing XSitePro Sale!


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