Dragon Download Protector

How to Protect Your Products Online

Discover a Simple Solution To End Your Product Security Nightmare! One of the biggest problems I had when I was starting out in internet marketing was protecting my thank you pages. Even if you are giving products away for free to your readers, you still need to protect your downloads from online theft. How Can…

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Which Web Hosting is Best for My Internet Marketing Business?

Deciding on Web Hosting For Your Internet Marketing Business One of the most crucial steps to having a successful online business is to have a good web hosting company host your websites. When you start searching online you will find dozens of web hosting services and all have their own pros and cons. Imagine for…

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The Trick to Creating Stunning Landing Pages That Can Double or Treble Your Sales

When it comes to online marketing, your landing page is your virtual “shop window.” It is the first impression your visitors have and it has to make an impact within ten seconds or so otherwise people will click-off your website. Creating amazing, attention-seeking landing pages is easy when you know how. However, too many marketers…

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Ebook Product Creation

Affiliate vs. Product Creator, Which is Best?

 I often get asked, which is best, to be an affiliate or a product creator? Most people get their feet wet in the Internet Marketing field as an affiliate. An affiliate is someone that promotes other people’s products for a commission. You can check out Clickbank.com, commission junction or JVZoo to name a few, for…

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Money Wealth & Prosperity

Money Wealth & Prosperity Mindset

Are you struggling to make money online, to grow your business and attain everything the “Gurus” have promised you? If so you are not alone. There are several types of marketers, those that never feel they have enough information to go forward and to become a success. These marketers are always buying the next shiny…

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List Building

List Building on Steroids!

If you have been involved in the IM (Internet Marketing) business for any length of time I am sure you have heard the “money is in the list.” To be perfectly honest for several years I didn’t even attempt to build a list despite people telling me I must. Are you the same? I tried…

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Responsible Marketing

Creating and Adhering to Good Ethics in Your Business For Online Success

I was browsing a forum for some ideas on the new project I am working on and I noticed a post on the Warrior Forum. A new marketer was seeking advice about his first product launch. He stated that he was about to launch when he had second thoughts, you see he knew his product…

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I goofed!

Thrive Content Builder vs WordPress Editor

I need to put my hand up and say I goofed! A new product was recently launched and the hype was tremendous. Below is what I posted.. I bought the Thrive Page Creator plugin, and tried it out. I really liked it until….be sure to see notes below! What you are seeing above is a…

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Welcome to Marketing with Sandra

My name is Sandra Harris and I have been marketing online since early 2008.  And if you have never heard of me that’s because I have always kept a low profile. I will not bore you with the details but my About Me page will give you all the nitty gritty if you have the…

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