Video Marketing

Using Video Marketing to Drive Unlimited Traffic

Video Marketing to Earn passive Income Let’s face it, today it is practically mandatory that every website has some form of video, video marketing can help drive hordes of traffic to your site or business. For the longest time I ignored video marketing, it was just another process to be learned and developed. I am…

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Do One thing well

Just Do ONE Thing Well

I came across this little inspirational story today and I personally think it applies to everyone trying to make money online. It is so easy to get side-tracked with the next new easy “push-button” system that we move from product to product, niche to niche. If only we could just do ONE thing well we…

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Ralph Waldo Emerson

What Is The Best Trait To Have For Online Success?

Which is Best? Self-Confidence or Experience? I recently got involved in a debate with a fellow entrepreneur about what is holding most people back from achieving success, his argument was lack of experience but personally I feel it’s a lack of confidence. We agreed to differ 🙂 What do you feel has been the main…

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List Building Essentials

The Importance of List Building

List Building Essentials – How to make Awesome Squeeze Pages Fast We all know that list building is really essential for any business today be it a bricks and mortar business or an online business. Creating a list of your customers or subscribers allows you to get personal and interact in a much better way…

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Mark Schaeffer

Mark Schaefer Discusses Ways To Boost Your Website Content

How We Can Ignite Our Website Content An interesting interview with Mark Schaeffer, a marketing strategist and Mike Allton of SiteSell. Mark explains well why we only see a small portion of content shared on platforms such as Facebook. The first content they remove is business content so if you are trying to market on…

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Create Your Own Ap Business

Ever Considered Creating a Mobile Ap Business and Jumping on This Trending Bandwagon?

How to Get Started With Your Very Own Mobile Ap Business I know many people are struggling with Internet marketing and earning the income we were all “promised” when we bought numerous IM courses. When I am on webinars I notice that the same people are attending and buying shiny new objects in an attempt to…

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FREE clickbar plugin download

Free ClickBar, A Call to Action Bar With Scarcity Timer Built In

As you may have noticed, when we add scarcity to our offers it increases conversions dramatically. I know when I am considering an offer I sometimes look to see how long it is available for and if it’s a few days I will decide later whether or not I really want it. It’s human nature,…

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Scam Alert

Domain Name ScamAlert!

Beware of Unscrupulous Spammers Contacting You Via Domain Name – Domain Name Scam  Alert! Today I received an email via my Whoisguard protection services at Namecheap where I buy all my domains. Namecheap offer a free Whoisguard protection for the first year and the renewals are just under $3 a year. Well worth it in…

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Have You Grabbed Your PayPal.Me Link Yet?

Get In Early And Secure Your Own Payment Link Now A few days ago (Early September 2015)  PayPal released a new service called It’s an exciting new service that simplifies getting paid online. Before you go grab your new link, one word of warning… PayPal at the present time, only allows one link…

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